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CPCBe is committed to providing cross-border e-commerce logistics clearance and tax pre-pay services to achieve a one-stop cross-border e-commerce service plan. CPCBe is authorised by China Post Hong Kong Limited. CPCBe exploited its own system as a core service tool to fulfill the operational needs for Cross-Border eCommerce Business. Meanwhile, CPCBe is equipped with a set of Cross-Border Logistic and Customs Clearance Service, combined with our self-exploited IT technology and routing logic, to lower their logistic cost effectively and enhance their quality of delivery service. CPCBe is currently serving Cross-Border eCommerce solutions to more than 30 corporations.

Logistic services are including︰

E Express and personal items customs clearance logistics 

BC/BBC cross-border customs clearance logistics

Warehouse and customs clearance center

Shop Express

CASE STUDY/Bonjour Hong Kong 

Bonjour Hong Kong - is a well-known online Shopping Platform for cosmetic in Hong Kong. However, there has been an increased resistance from customers being unwilling to pay for import duty for personal effects. 36% of orders are charged with tax, with around 30% of orders are detained at customs. Bonjour Hong Kong has been encountering difficulties in handling orders and delivery in China.

CPCBe solves such logistic difficulties and lowers the tax duty by:
1. Successful filing of imported products: BC Customs Clearance
2. Successful filing of imported products: China Post-Customs Clearance for personal effects

Until December 2016:
Customs Detainment of order: 30% -> 1.5%
Average Tax Duty: 36% -> 8%
Logistic Cost: HKD60/kg -> 40/kg