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September 2017
Source | Marketing-Interactive.com

Cross-border shopping has always been a popular activity for mainlanders who crave authentic imported products of high quality. According to the statistical findings from the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the number of visitors from mainland China totalled 42.8 million in 2016. Nielsen also suggests that over 17 million of these visitors came to Hong Kong for an overnight trip and 80% of them visited Hong Kong twice a year, with an average spending of over HK$20,000, contributing to estimated retail sales of over HK$100 billion.

April 2017 |  June 2016
Source  |  CPCBe

Two seminars provided an update about the industry for those companies whose interested in learning more about the cross-border e-commerce. These seminars were given a deepen understanding of industry development, cross-border models, logistics and taxation.

March 2017
Source | Ali Institute

 The mainland is promoting new policies to encourage fertility. Are you ready for any new potential business opportunities?

November 2016
Industry news | Qianhai Economic Daily

Watch the new way for Hong Kong local brands before the port city of goods